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The C-LAP Project

What is C-LAP

C-LAP is an integrated and participatory action plan for the development of LGAs in agriculture and allied sectors. This plan will add value to Nigeria’s agricultural raw materials and integrate Nigeria into world agricultural markets. ALGON (Association of Local Governments) has initiated the planning process at grass root level. This project envisages an increased emphasis on participation and on partnerships between the public and private sector. The main thrust of the experts and policy makers of C-LAP will be to consider agricultural growth as the key to poverty reduction and the need to diversify agricultural production on the basis of geographical location and commercialization of agro-products. . This Plan will also create business opportunities for franchise operators, jobs for the youth; reduce wastage of agricultural produce as there is a defined retail network to absorb production. Further, empowering farmers and agriprenures through self- employment as an option for their additional income or a full- fledged livelihood sustainability. Creates opportunities for private investors to invest in food chains and finally the business can be taken to the capital market in 3-4 years so that ALGON has a major benefit and becomes a financially viable tier of Government

Main Features of C-LAP