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C-LAP Major Outcomes

Project Envisages Following Major Outcomes:

Outcome 1: Adaptive farmers centered research with improved on -farm yields and Food security

Outcome 4: Immense employment opportunities for community in each LGAs

Outcome 2: Establishment and facilitation of Community‐level farm enterprises  under the guidance of International Consultants, Locally Recruited Staff and other partners

Outcome 5: Heavy investment for establishment of mega or micro food processing

Outcome 3: Establishment of strong linkages between prospective producers and buyer’s ensuring convenient marketing of the farmers produce in each LGA

Outcome 6: Strong Institutional mechanism and established sustainable raw material supply chain for each LGA.

Outcome 7:  Ample market opportunities for farm and farm operations serving local market

Outcome 10: Diverse enterprises and  increase resilience of LGAs, to withstand any adverse conditions on the farmer’s field

Outcome 8: Improved direct-to-consumer marketing outlets and infrastructure

Outcome 11: Highly trained farmers, youth, women and children in sustainable agricultural practices, technologies and enterprise models, both in the farm and in the communities.

Outcome 9: Increased export potential of agriculture sector through a paradigm shift from supply-led production to export-demand driven high value agriculture

Outcome 12: Models, Experiences and Practices tested and documented and shared for replication and reference

Outcome 13: Large scale production, improved  farm workers productivity, production efficiency and high quality of farm produce

Outcome 14: Documentation of best practices, success stories of agribusiness and impact evaluation of agribusiness related works

Outcome 15: Agriculture Revolution and self sufficiently