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C-LAP Key Deliverables

Key deliverables:

Designing of Compressive Local Government Area Agricultural Development plan

Submission of monthly and annual progress reports based on agribusiness strategy

Field/Exposure visits reports

Procurement of Tractors and other farm machinery, implements, office equipment etc.

Linking farmers to markets and opportunities for establishing primary, secondary, tertiary markets and distributive and export marketĀ  at national level

Aggregating 774 farms and linking these farms to a national retail chain, wholesale markets and mega food parks

Design Food Mart Retail Chain Model to create a network that delivers the agricultural produce straight to the door step of the consumers

Evaluation of opportunities for value addition

Designing of mega food parks (one per each state) which will be customized to the local crop production per state and will be a plug and play operation for any investor that will operate in the food park

Training and capacity building plan/module for implementation of Agribusiness strategy

Technical leaflets, pamphlets, Bulletin in collaboration with technical team

Documentation of best practices and success stories of agribusiness in the projects

Establishing one Integrated Model Farms in each of the LGA

Mid-term and End Project Impact Assessment Reports of agribusiness related works of the Project

Template for Model Integrated Farm